Our Approach

Academy West improves breathing using a physical therapy approach based on current medical research and objective data. Many who attempt to teach breathing come from a yoga/meditation/energy background, but this fails to adequately address functional and medical concerns. Physical Therapists are highly trained medical experts in body movement and patient education. We identify muscle groups and movement patterns that require improvement, and use a combination of hands-on manual skills and strength training aimed at your respiratory system to effect change in how your body moves. We believe that the musculoskeletal expertise, extensive medical experience with all types of bodies, and hands-on approach are what set us apart.


Performance training at Academy West incorporates this concept as we implement simple breathing strategies during dynamic athletic activity, which then allows you to use your skills every day life and in pursuit of greatness

Andy Sabatier, PT, DPT

Breathing Specialized Physical Therapist

Andy completed his doctorate in physical therapy in 2013 from New York University followed by clinical training at Stanford Hospital in the cardiac ICU. He helped thousands of patients to breathe to survive their most critical and complicated moments practicing in the ICU in Central Oregon.  His continued study of breathing mechanics is under the guidance of Mary Massery DPT


Prior to his work as a physical therapist, Andy earned a BS in psychology a while playing four years of lacrosse at Auburn University. After moving West, he enjoyed a 5-year career as a professional freeskier, traveling and competing in some of the world’s most iconic mountains. Acquiring knowledge about the human body and training for the challenge that lies ahead has been his life’s work.  Academy West combines that passion for excellence in performance with a critical eye for patient care and improving the human condition through the power of functional breathing strategies.

Our Beginning

PT Andy Sabatier has spent years working in the ICU with patients whose breathing is compromised for a variety of life-altering reasons. Academy West was founded with the intention to not only build on the principles of teaching and facilitating the human breath, but to incorporate elements of strength and endurance training that benefit all populations across various levels of activity. We are all trying to perform better in one way or another, and it starts and ends with how you breathe.

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