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A deep dive on the anatomy and mechanics of  YOUR  specific breathing pattern. We use clear language, relatable examples and research-backed concepts to explain the how & the why of breathing. This is the best value for the experience and the greatest investment you can make in your health.

A superbill may be submitted to private insurance (not Medicaid or Medicare) for out-of-network personal reimbursement. 


Our individualized approach is where we use all of the tools at Academy West to evaluate, educate, and improve the breathing mechanics of a person looking for improvement. Includes hands-on manual techniques as well as a tailored plan focused on nudging your breathing system into a functional pattern for long-term success.

A superbill may be submitted to private insurance for potential out-of-network personal reimbursement. This does not apply to Medicaid or Medicare. 


We offer a unique team building experience for groups to learn and improve your breathing system and build a cohesive team through a fun, educational & rich sensory experience all revolving around functional breathing. This ideal for sports teams, corporate teams or healthcare teams.


Peri-operative treatment with a “breathing first” approach. Due to our background in the ICU, we understand what patients experience during their entire surgical encounter - briefing visits, day-of-surgery, immediate & long term post-surgery and the journey back to normal life. We prepare patients to deal with ideal encounters, complexity, and the unexpected. Understanding their breathing helps patients the entire way. We also provide long term functional follow-up for a better patient experience.


A variety of group class options that are offered once per month will provide insightful knowledge and a rich sensory experience using a "breathing first" approach. These classes are appropriate for anyone who is curious and are a great option for getting a taste of what we're all about. Check our scheduling calendar to see when these classes are happening.

Ready to breathe better?

Do you take insurance?

Yes, and no. Academy West is a “cash-based” clinic where the relationship is between therapist and patient, without a pre-made relationship with insurance companies. You pay at time of service, and we make it easy for you to submit to your insurance by preparing a simple “super-bill” that can be sent in after your visit for reimbursement. You can send them one at a time or all at once. Most of our patients are reimbursed 80-100% of their out-of-pocket expense. 

Understanding what your insurance covers and doesn’t cover is really important. That's why we've made this checklist. Give your insurance company a call and have this ready to fill out. It should provide a straight-forward idea of your benefits. Remember: you are your best and only advocate when it comes to your insurance benefits.

Medicare does not reimburse at all, which is their decision.


Options include cash, check, HSA or debit cards.

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