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The most effective form of evaluation is in-person where your you and your therapist can see, feel, and personally help you to understand breathing, how you breathe, and how to improve. 


There are many reasons to treat at home, and we are really effective working in whatever environment your body requires. Let's work together to develop a plan that works for you.


Any physical therapy experience should involve effective education, and improved breathing begins with learning about the human body and how it works. This can be done safely and easily through telehealth on a very flexible schedule from the comfort of your home.

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Initial Evaluation 

(90 min)


Physical Therapy (PT) 

(60 min)



Physical Therapy (PT)

(30 min)



Performance Training 

(60 min)


Performance Training 

(30 min)


Group Class  

(60 min)

coming soon

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Do you take insurance?

Yes, and no. Academy West is a “cash-based” clinic where the relationship is between therapist and patient, without a pre-made relationship with insurance companies. You pay at time of service, and we make it easy for you to submit to your insurance by preparing a simple “super-bill” that can be sent in after your visit for reimbursement. You can send them one at a time or all at once. Most of our patients are reimbursed 80-100% of their out-of-pocket expense. 

Understanding what your insurance covers and doesn’t cover is really important. That's why we've made this checklist. Give your insurance company a call and have this ready to fill out. It should provide a straight-forward idea of your benefits. Remember: you are your best and only advocate when it comes to your insurance benefits.  Medicare does not reimburse at all, which is their decision.

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Options include cash, check, HSA or debit cards.